Are You Among the “Fire People”? Fire Folk Will Understand…

When it comes to enjoying cooler outdoor weather, there are two kinds of people: There are the fire folk, and then there’s everyone else. Fire people share a common bond, and common challenges. They make the most of a suburban backyard, or relish in the comfort of a wooded homestead. Are you one of us? Are you among the fire folk? Look for these common symptoms:

If you’ve gone through multiple portable fire pits because of frequent use. Even the best portable outdoor fire pits will break down over time. Through seasons of winter weather, and countless heating and cooling cycles, the portable pits are lucky last a few years at most – especially with how often you fire folk are using them!

If you have patches of scorched grass from the heat of your portable fire pit. Let’s face it, you fire folk like a roaring fire – and the poor grass beneath your portable fire pit just can’t take the heat. Patches of heat scorched grass are a sure sign of fire people!

If you tried a DIY fire pit that didn’t stand up over time. I’ve seen my share of fire people “upgrade” from a portable fire pit to a circle of bricks in the backyard. Now, I’m not knocking that DIY spirit – it was worth a try. But I’m guessing over time your fire circle has become a little disheveled (especially with frequent use). It’s not the epic Medieval stonework you had in mind.

If your epic fire pit turned into a soggy shallow pond. So maybe your DIY brick fire circle fell apart, and like the dwarves you decided to venture underground. Once again fire people, I feel your pain. I can sense your longing for a real viking kitchen or Lord of the Rings style forge. Unfortunately, that pit with bricks in the backyard is more of a tripping hazard than the magnificent portal to the fire lands you had in mind.

If you understand the eternal paradox of only having fires when everything is soaked. Let’s face it, the best time to have a fire is on a cool autumn evening – probably when everything is cold and soaking wet. The struggle is real, fire people! Your lawn chairs quickly sink into the wet soil. You’ve tried storing your fire supplies in unsightly plastic tubs, but there has to be a better way.

If you finally built an outdoor fireplace and lived happily ever after!

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