Amaze Visitors With a New Outdoor Living Space

Amaze Visitors With a New Outdoor Living Space

Call now so we can begin outdoor kitchen construction in Dayton, OH

When you call to request an outdoor kitchen construction in Dayton, OH, the experts at Woodbourne Landscape Architects, Inc. immediately start brainstorming. We'll visit your home to get an idea of the available space and how different styles of outdoor kitchen might mesh or clash with other aspects of the yard.

Once we hear about your budget and design goals, we'll start drafting a plan for your outdoor kitchen construction. When planning your outdoor kitchen, don't forget to consider:

  • The kind of food you'll be cooking
  • The amount of people who will cook there
  • Whether you need the space to be kid-friendly
  • The type of grill you intend to use
  • Supplies you plan to store outside
  • How close to the house you want the kitchen
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Schedule outdoor fireplace construction in Dayton, OH

When it comes to outdoor fireplace construction, we want to create a majestic focal point for your fireplace that the rest of the yard centers around. The fireplace becomes the linchpin and the rest of the yard accents it.

Every fireplace we build is elegant and safe. Your new addition should look fantastic and keep the sparks and ashes well-contained.

Contact us soon to begin outdoor fireplace construction in or near Dayton, OH.

Enhance your yard and entertain guests with an outdoor bar

Installing an outdoor bar takes your yard from just a hangout to a real paradise. Impress friends and neighbors with your bartending skills or sit back with some cold beers.

We can create a garden bistro or patio lounge with a durable bar. Just call and we'll start the consultation process.

Reach out now so we can start working on the outdoor bar of your dreams.